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Anne-Marie Trevelyan is the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Berwick upon Tweed.  

Anne-Marie works tirelessly as a local campaigner for North Northumberland, raising issues with local and national politicians on behalf of her community.
In order to keep in touch with local people and to campaign most effectively, we need to fundraise to support Anne-Marie’s efforts and work towards getting her elected as the next MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Anne-Marie’s key campaigns include:

DUAL THE A1 Anne-Marie is known as “The A1 Lady” by most journalists, and has changed Government’s mind on the importance of this forgotten stretch of road.

LET NORTHUMBERLAND DECIDE PETITION Anne-Marie wants the chance for us all to vote in a referendum on whether or not we should stay in the EU.

BROADBAND 4 NORTHUMBERLAND Anne-Marie has led the campaign across Northumberland to raise awareness & lobby County Hall on the vital need for broadband for every home.

Anne-Marie also fights continuously against the destruction of our unique rural landscapes by giant onshore wind turbines, lobbying local and national Government to change policy. Anne-Marie said “We are making slow but steady progress. Every giant turbine is one too many as far as I am concerned, but we have kept many away and will continue to fight to protect our precious countryside from this inappropriate building”.

In order to support Anne-Marie, please donate as much as you can to support her campaign efforts. Every £5 makes a difference.

Thank you.